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3 top Halloween events to kick off this weekend in Belmont

From Charlotte Five: Since Halloween falls on a weekday this year, this coming weekend is the ideal time to celebrate the spooky occasion with family and friends. Venture just beyond Charlotte city limits to flourishing Belmont with these 3 top Halloween events to...

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30 Day Trips From Charlotte, Part I

From The Commoner: My family and I came up for a visit to North Carolina when our oldest son was just six months old. We fell in love with the sheer diversity of landscapes, rich history, wide range of attractions, and temperate climate. We were so enamored that we...

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Downtown: Belmont

From Our State Magazine: There’s a rhythm in the history of this Gaston County city, and chic restaurants and shops are creating an infectious new beat. Belmont began with two sounds. The first was the clamor of bells, ringing out through a hushed quiet. On the...

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13 of the best places to eat, drink and play in Belmont, NC

From Charlotte Five: Prior to last week, I had not been to Belmont, NC in a dozen years. I could probably have given you several dozen reasons why, and the majority of them would have involved me mistaking it for Gastonia. Fortunately, after an early trip out to the...

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