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Dream Destinations: 25 Places to Retire, Relocate, Relax

From Our State: We’ve rounded up 25 of the dreamiest places to retire, relocate, and relax from the mountains to the coast. ... Belmont The ringing of bells on the grounds of Belmont Abbey provide the soundtrack to an otherwise quiet day in Belmont. The Benedictine...

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Belmont provides quieter alternative to Charlotte

From Business North Carolina: Back in the day, textile mills dominated in Belmont, sewing and spinning and stitching together the livelihoods of people who went home with lint in their hair and ringing in their ears. In the mid-20th century, Belmont hummed and...

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Christmas events 2018

From Salisbury Post: Daniel StoweHolidays at the Garden: A Mile of a Million Lights — Through Jan 6: Lights, music, children’s activities, model train displays, more... Read more from Salisbury Post here.

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