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7 Best Charlotte Suburbs for Families

From Charlotte Parent: With its museums, cultural events, educational attractions and recreational activities, there’s a lot for families to love about living in Charlotte. Having a major airport and being a few hours’ drive from the beach or mountains are major...

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5 eateries where giving back is a priority

From Charlotte Five: As a frequent restaurant-goer with way too many choices, I’ve begun to choose where I dine largely by the restaurant’s impact on the community. If you’re like me and need a break from cooking, but want to dine out with a good conscience, here are...

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Charlotte’s 12 Best Suburbs: 2017

From Charlotte Magazine: THE PEOPLE in Charlotte’s suburbs turn elections, create traffic, and feed large employers. They surround our lakes and brighten up old railroad tracks. And they’re resilient. Over the past quarter-century, the towns around our city have moved...

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Sweet celebration in Belmont

From The Gaston Gazette: A sweet celebration marked the grand opening of The Cotton Candy Factory Monday. The latest venture by Holy Angels, the store opened on Main Street in Belmont, alongside its sister stores, Cherubs Cafe and Candy Bouquet. The three businesses...

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These Must-Visit Botanical Gardens Will Give You Spring Fever

From Southern Living Magazine: Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Belmont, NC This garden’s slogan is not just a tagline—it truly is Carolina’s “garden for all seasons,” with an ever-changing tapestry of colors, shapes, and textures in abundance all year long. The Canal...

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Visit “Christmas Town USA” in the Carolinas

From Spartanburg's WSPA7: Hundreds of thousands of people head to McAdenville, North Carolina each year to see their impressive display of Christmas lights. The entire town gets involved with the tradition, decking out every home and covering every tree in lights....

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Best Places To Visit On Christmas In The U.S.

From News Everyday: Christmas is the best time of the year. Some people choose to stay home warm with their family, while others want to walk on unknown streets watching the twinkling lights and big Christmas trees, admire the fireworks and watch people fill with joy....

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Newsmax’s Top 25 Christmas Destinations in America

From Newsmax: When it comes to the holiday season, some towns pull out all the stops for Christmas celebrations. From parades to elaborate Nativity scenes to Old World shopping markets and visits with Santa Claus, these are the top 25 cities and towns across America...

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