From MSN:

There is just something magical about celebrating the holidays. No matter where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with, spreading Christmas cheer tends to have this magnificent, enlightening effect on your environment and the people around you. This holiday season you will want to grab your loved ones and friends, and head to a town that embodies the Christmas spirit and celebrates the season like no other.

For anyone who loves Christmas to the extreme, these eight American towns are some of the best destinations during the holiday season. Attractions like beautiful displays of lights, masses of cheery Christmas carolers, good ol’ Saint Nick himself, and so much more are proof that these towns are where you can shamelessly immerse yourself in holiday cheer…

Of course a town better known as “Christmas Town USA” goes all out for Christmas. This town clearly loves Christmas and even has an official Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a festival. There’s a beautiful Christmas tree display reflecting lights around a pond. The town hosts an annual Yule log parade and ceremony, too. You can even order your own T-shirt to show your Christmas Town USA pride. They know how to make Christmas look cool.

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